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Superline XD 27/64"

Part Number XD09
Superline XD 27/64"
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Superior abrasion resistance

When rigging a vehicle extraction, open weave synthetic winch lines are subject to dirt and sand getting lodged in between fibers and strands of the line. Over time, abrasive elements will wear down the fibers of the rope, decreasing the performance and breaking strength. The entire Superline® XD synthetic winch line is over braided with Dyneema fiber to prevent this type of abrasion, which greatly increases the longevity of the winch line. The cover also gives complete UV protection.

Unrivaled strength

The inner core of the Superline XD is the same pre-stretched Dyneema rope used in our Superline® series of winch lines. Like the Superline®, the Superline® XD has breaking strengths unrivaled by any other conventional Dyneema winch line.

Note that the breaking strength is measured from the inner core as the outer cover does not increase the breaking strength, just the durability of the line.

Kevlar Heat Guard

The Superline® XD is equipped with a 12' Kevlar tubing heat guard that covers the first drum layer of the winch line. Kevlar is much more resistant to heat than Dyneema fiber and protects the winch line from potential winch drum heat.

When spooling out, the bright orange color makes it easy to see the last 12' of the winch line, so you know when you cannot spool out any further. This ensures that the winch line has enough wraps on the drum.

Rock Guard

For additional wear protection, the Superline® XD comes with our 3' Rock Guard. The Rock Guard protects the winch line from contact with rocks or other abrasive objects during winching procedures and is easily removed via velcro if it isn't necessary.